Why You Should Have a Mine Fire Pump System Custom-Built

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Why You Should Have a Mine Fire Pump System Custom-Built

15 March 2022
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You might have done everything that you can to make your mine a safe place for your employees to work. You might have built everything to specification, and you might have purchased new, good-quality safety equipment. You might have put your employees through ample safety training, too. However, there is still a chance of disaster on any mining site. For example, you do have to worry about mine fires, which can obviously be dangerous for workers inside and around the mine. There are mine fire pump systems that you can purchase that are pre-fabricated, but you should consider having one custom-built for your mine in particular for these reasons.

Ensure It's Designed for Your Mine in Particular

First of all, as someone who is involved in the industry yourself, you might be well aware of the many differences between different mining sites. How a mine is set up is based on everything from the area where the mine is located, the type of material that is being mined for, the type of equipment that is being used, and more. You'll need to be sure that your mine fire pump system is designed to suit your mine. This should be based on things like the size and layout of your mine. If you order a custom-built mine fire pump station, you can help be sure it's sufficient and properly designed to help with any fires that might start.

Make Sure You're Mindful of Local Fire Safety Regulations

In any area where you set up a mine, you typically have to worry about local safety regulations. Some areas are stricter about certain things—such as fire safety—than others. If you have set up your mine in an area where wildfires are common, for example, there is a good chance that you have to follow stricter fire safety laws than someone who has set up a mine in an area where this isn't as much of a concern. If you have your mine fire pump system custom-built, then you can be sure that it's built based on these laws and specifications. Then, you can be sure that your mine fire pump system is suitable based on the regulations that you're required to follow.

If you don't already have a mine fire pump system to help in case of a fire, then you may need one now. Instead of ordering a pre-fabricated one, though, consider placing a custom order for these important reasons.