Dust, Dirty Carpets and Other Key Signs That Your AC Needs a New Filter

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Dust, Dirty Carpets and Other Key Signs That Your AC Needs a New Filter

23 July 2017
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One of the easiest AC repairs to do is putting in a new filter. Some AC's have filters that you can remove and clean, whilst others have filters that need to be thrown away and replaced. Ideally, you should do this on a regular basis based on your manufacturer's recommendations, but there are also key signs that you can watch for that indicate it's time for a new AC filter:

1. You Have Black Streaks on Your Carpet

The carpet can get affected by poor air flow throughout your home, and when that happens, black filtration lines appear on your carpet. Here's why: Just as warm air rises, cool air sinks. If that air is dirty and full of dust and debris, that will get into your carpet.

Typically, the dirt, dust, oil and pollutants that are in the air will form black lines on your carpet, often along baseboards. Those are all elements that should have been filtered out by your AC filter, and when you see those lines, you know that you are long overdue for changing your filter.

2. Your Vacuum Filter Gets Dirtier Than Usual

When the pollutants mentioned above get embedded in your carpet, the filter on your vacuum picks up a lot of that. If the filter on your AC isn't working correctly, the filter on your vacuum may get overloaded. If your vacuum filter seems dirtier than usual, you may need to change the filter on your AC.

3. You Have Lots of Dust

In the same vein, you may notice more dust around your home when you need a new AC filter. If the AC filter is saturated, it won't pick up dust as usual, and as a result, those particles will settle on your furnishings. Of course, there are other issues that may cause extra dust such as adopting a new pet or having lots of work trucks driving by your home and kicking up dust from the road. However, if nothing like that is happening, the dust could be due to an old AC filter.

4. Your Cooling Bill Is Higher Than Usual

Is your cooling bill higher than it was last year? Are the temperatures about the same as last year? If you answered "yes" to both of those questions, the issue could also be with your AC filter. The filter is directly related to efficiency, and if it's dirty, your system will be less efficient.

To get help changing your filter or to deal with other air conditioning repair issues, contact a professional.